Day of the Dead Festival, November 2nd. Reno NV, E. Pueblo St.


 We are presenting the First Day of the Dead Festival.  Come to see and enjoy  a Festival atmosphere with 12 feet tall Catrina and Catrin!, Altar Exhibition, Folkloric BAllets, Alebrijes' workshop,  Catrina Bilingual  Theater, Typical Food, 'Bread of Dead', and Much More!!!  

Make your own Altar! ¡Haga su propio Altar! Altar Exhibition during Festival on Nov. 2nd. Info call (469) 412-6254.

Call to make your own Altar

Bilingual Play


  “Frida and Her Lovers” is a theatrical bilingual production about the famous Mexican painter; situated in the Casa Azúl —where she was born and later lived when married to Diego Rivera,  a prominent, early 20th Century, muralist, 20-year older than her. Frida was always surrounded by sophisticated artists and painters of ... 

Llame al (775) 378-1779 para mayor información

-- Clases de Teatro para Niños y Niñas -- Theater Classes for Children

-Cursos de 6 semanas -  ambiente bilingüe para motivar el lenguaje,  la expresión de la personalidad, la participación y el juego. 

-Courses of 6 weeks - in a bilingual environment where it encourages language development, personality expression, part and play. 


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